Join CCAB's procurement marketplace

Aboriginal Procurement Champions 
You'll have access to the Aboriginal Procurement Marketplace where you can search the self-managed profiles of our CABs, post mid-level procurement opportunities to connect Aboriginal businesses to opportunities and scale the number of CABs in your supply base. 

Certified Aboriginal Businesses 
You'll have the ability to customize a profile that showcases your capabilities, offerings and updates. All CAB members will also be able to search for procurement contacts corporations represented by the Aboriginal Procurement Champions. You can also communicate with other CABs potential opportunities to partner or utilize each other within their own supply chains.

The Benefits


One Centralized, Self-Managed Profile

A single, easy to maintain profile helps differentiate your company

You become more credible to customers as you grow your connections

Link to your website, social media and post on tealboard to stay top of mind 



Access powerful insights that help you understand how customers perceive your company and their activities on your profile

Use insights to position your company and profile more competitively


New Business

Expand existing business by being more visible and prioritized as a trusted partner to the community

Be found and invited to new opportunities by customers searching for your business, and quickly respond based on relevant requirements to save time


Showcase Diversity Certifications

Finally, one place that includes all of your information and visible to all customers! Upload and maintain certifications, display affiliations and enhance your capabilities so you can be instantly found by customers looking to increase opportunities for diversity/small businesses

What You CAN share

Here's what you can share about your business:

Your Capabilities
Your Story
Your Team
Your Customers
Your Strengths
Where You Do Business
Your Diversity Status & Certifications
Your Latest News

"Any supplier will tell you it’s really hard to get in front of the right people that have a need. At the end of the day, tealbook provides a way to get in front of the right people's eyes at the right time, with very little effort."

- Keith Mellett, Senior Director, Indirect Sourcing, CR Bard

"With tealbook, I can continually evolve my profile, adding new social feeds, new industry awards and recognition, clients, capabilities and brands that we're working with."

- Ken Begasse, Founder and CEO, Concentric

"The experience is really exposing us as a specialized agency and a network to a much broader potential client list. That's been a real win for us, getting that exposure."

- Stephen Piotrowski, President and Chief Executive Officer, Health4Brands


For further background on the CCAB and the Supply Change initiative, click here.


tealbook builds communities of customers and suppliers so they can know more about one another and reduce the time it takes for doing business. With a social-media like interface, tealbook uses AI technology to increase the speed, trust and quality of supplier-related decisions. tealbook delivers enhanced supplier knowledge, discovery of new and innovative suppliers, and scales diversity efforts for organizations looking to improve outcomes.